LACUNY Institute 2024


Moving Beyond the Challenged Librarian: Then and Now

This year’s LACUNY Institute will explore challenges faced by librarians and information professionals across our profession. We seek innovative and thought-provoking contributions that delve into the complexities surrounding intellectual freedom, censorship, and the role of librarians in navigating these challenges.

We welcome case studies, theoretical explorations, panel discussions, poster presentations, and creative or imaginative proposals on topics such as but not limited to:

  • Challenges faced by librarians, information professionals, and library workers in the face of censorship, intellectual freedom issues, and attempts to restrict access to information
  • Life post-pandemic
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Promoting inclusivity in libraries. Strategies for fostering inclusivity and diversity in library spaces, collections, and services while addressing the challenges posed by censorship
  • Technology and freedom of information; the role of technology in the dissemination of information, challenges posed by digital censorship, and the responsibilities of librarians in the digital age
  • Advocacy and Community Engagement
  • Librarians in the Age of Artificial Intelligence